10 most interesting country to get on taxi in the world

You are sure to have many stories to tell your friends if you take on of these taxi companies.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Japanese are extremely polite and clean and you can observe that even on the taxi. Japanese taxi drivers always wear shirt ironed flat and clean, hats and even white gloves. They also have a control box to open the back door as in the picture.

  1. Mumbai, India

On the outside, the car was painted black and yellow but inside, the famous taxi company of Mumbai – Premier Padmini – is really interesting. Drivers can express their creativity and style by interior upholstery inside the car, usually upholsteries with vibrant patterns. Unfortunately, these old taxis which do not have air conditioners are being phased out.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


You can see colorful three-wheeled tuks everywhere in Bangkok. Riding Tuk tuk is actually a wonderful Bangkokian experience. Drivers will take you with dizzy speed, swing, get into the alleys of the city to avoid traffic congestion or cross the potholes without reducing the throttle.

  1. London, England

This type of taxi is as well known around the world as the British red telephone booth and it is repeatedly in the list of the best taxi company in the world.

  1. Munich, Germany

In the land of the super cars, there’s nothing too surprising if you saw taxis in Munich branded BMW, Audi, Mercedes and even Porsche.

  1. Havana, Cuba

When no car was imported from outside, Cubanians are very creative when they keep old cars a classic beauty. Imagining that Ernest Hemingway used to sit on the Cadillac that you are driving???

  1. Moscow, Russia

You wave a taxi in the city of world’s billionaires? You will stoll through the Red Square on a Porsche Cayene or Maybach 62

  1. Yokohama, Japan

Turtle Taxi firm (turtle) have a button “Yukkuri” in the back seat and when you press that button, the driver will understand that they can go to your destination comfortably and slowly. Why? Nobody can understand why Japanese invented that button. However, people feel more secure when going this taxi.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

The VW Beetle taxis is a Mexican cultural feature just like food such as tacos sold on the streets and Tijuanna prostitutes, but unfortunately it was banned in 2012. The car is not environmental-friendly, but the main factor is that the car is too small. Many drivers have to remove the front seats to have room for the guests’ feet.

  1. New York, USA

The New York’s yellow taxis are probably the icon for the taxi industry in the world. However, the chance is that 98% of the time you are a taxi, you will find the driver on the phone the whole way. It is sure that this is not the safest taxi firm in the world.

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