Food cure sore throat effectively

There are foods that just provide nourishment for the body that has the effect of relieving the discomfort caused by sore throat cause.

Dealing with a sore throat is not an easy thing. A sore throat may be caused by bacterial infection with flu-like symptoms – fever, chills, and aches. And when a sore throat, you no longer feel like to eat.
However, when suffering from a sore throat, eat some food after beneficial as it helps to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Banana etourtips

Banana is a fruit with no acidity, soft and easy to eat, even when you have a sore throat. Bananas are also foods that lower blood sugar indicator, and rich in vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C should be very good for the body.

-Chicken porridge:

Chicken porridge etourtips

this is a longstanding remedy are said to have the effect of throat pain remedy. Chicken soup has mild anti-inflammatory properties and helps to limit the virus into contact with the mucous membranes. A bowl of chicken porridge with other food such as carrots, onions, celery, turnips, potatoes and garlic in ... will have high nutritional benefits for the body.

-A mixture of lemon juice and honey:

A mixture of lemon juice and honey etourtips

this mixture has the effect of reducing inflammation rapidly and is a great method to push back sore throat, phlegm.
-Eggs or egg whites:

Eggs or egg whites

egg whites help deal with inflammation and pain in the throat very effectively. However, you should avoid spicy food because it can make more severe throat pain.
-Ginger, honey tea: the great way to soothe irritated throats and itching is a tea composed of ginger and honey. Steam from the cup of tea that will help reduce congestion in the throat, phlegm and limiting angina pectoris. Honey on the throat and will prevent the irritation – cause of the spasm.



soluble fiber with high, oatmeal helps reduce "bad" LDL-cholesterol levels. A bowl of hot oatmeal with bananas, the honey combination will surely soothe your throat pain.
-Sage (in-house Basil-sage): known to have healing properties, Sage has been used as herbal remedial effects due to a sore throat.
-Boiled carrots:

Boiled carrots etourtips

carrots are a type of food has great healing effects. But to promote healing effects, carrots need to be cooked or steamed before eating. This is because eating carrots can be risky for your sore throat and can further exacerbate the pain. In addition, the carrots are also full of nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, K, fiber, and potassium should be very good for your body.

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