French Crepe – Beautiful, delicious but not fussy

Mentioning the Golden crepe cake, soft, soft fat nursery, no one didn’t know it came from France.

In the famous French cuisine from a long time ago, ‘ travel ‘ crepe throughout the countries of Europe and throughout the world, representing all heart of not less customers. Almost all over the world, there are many restaurants, the hotel has a pizzeria serving crepe in place, bring the warm cake, attractive for its breakfast customers. However, perhaps enjoy a crepe right in France will let you taste the style.

French Crepe – Beautiful, delicious but not fussy
Crepe cake originating from the region of Brittany in North-Western France and gradually became a traditional dish in this country.

Thin, flat cake, light yellow and this fragrance made from flour, eggs, milk and butter. This cake flour mixture is thin and coated stir the pan of hot oil, excellent agility turned on the cake to a cake not burnt that still ensures the smooth, slightly wet powder and left the cake out to disk. The cake is always fresh and delicious fragrance, though are used when hot or cooled. Do not take much time to get soft cake, butter milk scented extremely attractive.

French Crepe – Beautiful, delicious but not fussy

In particular, there are more crepe delicious when eaten with fruit jam, cold cream, sweet cream, and all sorts of entertainment from the salty Bacon, egg, sausage, pate … Very easy to eat nutritious, consistent with both the most demanding Diners, crepe dishes from France would be the ideal choice, gently but enough substance, so you start a new day full of energy. No stranger to the travellers, not only does the crepe was served in the restaurant serves Western, or hotels, upscale resorts, but also served in a number of bars of the young people a passion for Western cuisine, with diverse variations, generous, not from spellbound.

French Crepe – Beautiful, delicious but not fussy

If given the opportunity to travel to France, dish would be crepe that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Do not simply enjoy the original flavor of the cake, which by this was the national dish of the country’s populist spirit as European cuisine paradise, will help you better understand it and an interesting bit in this country’s cuisine. Come to France and enjoy the traditional crepe cake, to feel and to love more delicate culinary here you go.

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