Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

Fukushima name of the haunted locations of earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear power plant, but few know it is a beautiful land of Japanese tourists.

I to Fukushima, Japan, in the last days of May 4. contrary to envision a Fukushima after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, is a romantic with a sun Fukushima colorful flowers and the beautiful blue lake.

Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

When the snow finally began to fall on the ground as well as at Fukushima in spring sky. Signs of spring in Fukushima’s full bloom clusters on the ground. The most beautiful flowers low dust may be mentioned here as narcissus, panse, iris … And on every road, there is the spring of Fukushima cherry colorful dazzling glory. Peach in Fukushima there are many types of gold, white to pale pink, dark pink … was planted long rows on the streets or in the park.

Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

Spring is also the season’s awake beautiful blue lakes in Fukushima. During his journey, I was fortunate to visit the last leg Yama District, home to a national park Bandai – Asahi and hibara famous lake. It also Bandai majestic mountains.

From Urabandai Lake resort, guests can see the snow-covered tops Bandai still white in the distance. The morning after waking up, it should do is that you take a walk into the woods. From here, just across the other side of the road and walk for about 10 minutes, you can already see the beautiful blue lake. If more time, you go deeper into the woods to explore this spring. As more and go inside, you’ll be seeing a lot more beautiful blue lake.

Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

You will also see the crystal-clear water flowing streams, where pretty small wooden bridge crossing. There is nothing more amazing is bushwalking at the sun was up. Then, the lake is extremely smooth and slanting sun makes the water cheu colorful glow. In the morning, when the forest is also busy birds, blowing wind. The sound of peace that will make you forget the fatigue of everyday life.

Enjoy the colorful castle and brilliant cherry 

A different ideal destination when you visit Fukushima as Tsuruga Castle. Built in 1384 by Ashina Naomori, Tsuruga Castle is also known by the people here is another name Aizu Wakamatsu-. It was once the center of the military and regional administration. Today, Tsuruga is an attractive destination for all travelers arriving in Fukushima.

Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

Spring is the best opportunity for you to visit Tsuruga. Features ancient castle with poetic beauty of some 1,000 cherry trees are blooming around the castle creates a brilliant picture. From the top floor of the castle, you can see the picturesque scene below as well as the context of the entire city.

Fukushima – the land of beautiful blue lakes

As those who love Fukushima, I can not help but look at the park Hanamiyama. This is a privately owned park and also the most beautiful parks in Fukushima. Hanamiyama located on a low hill. Guests can walk from outside the gate, through the winding streets to go deep inside and climb the hill. You will feel yourself as a paradise lost between flowers and extremely overwhelmed by the brilliance of it.

Take a leisurely walk in the park, you will admire the bright yellow flower field improvements, the cherry blossom row pink. It was a paradise of flowers such as plum blossom, apricot blossom, magnolia forest, camellia … As you step up a hill from where you stand, zoom down to the bottom, you’ll see a flower bed full OT steps colors as brilliant oil paintings.

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