Interesting things you may not know about Thailand

From small shops to large supermarkets, you can buy freely without having to send bags outside.

  1. In Thailand, people go on the left side of the road. Therefore, for visitors coming from countries circulating on the right side, you will encounter some difficulties if you want to rent motorcycles or cars to drive.
  2. If South Africa is called rainbow nation to talk about the ethnic diversity, Thailand deserves the name “rainbow nation of taxis”. Taxis in this country are painted colourfully with many colors such as red, pink, orange, blue, banana green or green above red below. ..


Taxis with vibrant colors in Thailand

  1. Drivers in Thailand rarely honk loudly on the street and they do not rush through red lights. However, you can still see some people not wearing a helmet when driving motorcycle.
  2. When you go to the convenience stores, supermarkets from small one to large one like Big C, you do not need to send your bags outside, even you carry big handbags, bulky suitcases. Thai people are very honest and theft rarely happens.
  3. People here usually have no habit of littering on the street. Therefore, the garbage on the streets, parks, public area are mainly just fallen leaves. If you see a piece of trash like plastic bags, napkins, the staff immediately runs out to pick up and put it in the right places.

Thai street food is very diverse and delicious.

  1. In the night markets in Thailand, sellers also are easygoing. They do overcharge but tourists can choose items for a long time and bargain. And if you are not interested, you can go without being complained by the sellers.
  2. Tourist police in Thailand works very strictly. Thus, there is almost no tourists being overcharged by taxi drivers. If you feel that the charge is wrong, you call the hotline of the tourist police and the taxi driver will be fined rather seriously.
  3. In the Japanese town in Bangkok, prostitutes is often very indifferent when they see foreign male tourists. However, when they see Japanese guests, they go Oh loudly in unison and greet boisterously.
  4. Thai food is sweet and spicy. Many Vietnamese visitors said that Thai people have quite the same taste as that of Southern people in Vietnam in a way that they add sugar in almost every dish.
  5. In front of hotels, restaurants in Thailand, there is often a shrine. The shrine is not only for employees but tourists can also stop to burn incense.

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