Life as a dream at the world’s happiest country

Life in Bhutan – the happiest country in the world appears idyllicly in the frame of the photographer. People here know how to find joy from the basics of life.

There are many famous photographers visiting the remotest areas of Bhutan to learn about the concept of happiness of people in this country. “Happiness” is the most important life value in Bhutan, more than everything like money, technology or modernity. Therefore, although it is just a small Buddhist country, Bhutan has attention of the whole world with its very own way of life.

Bhutan never appears in the photos with fussiness, magnificience, no modern homes with sparkling electric light system, no bustling streets, there are only human and nature in harmony but it brings the feeling of tranquility. People in Bhutan are gentle, dress simply with the purity of life and happy smile always existing on their faces.

A happy smile of DongKa, a girl born in Bhutan on their way back home after school.

A Bhutanese girl in a lovely pink dress sitting on the bench outside her house in Paro.

The capital Thimphu does not have many skyscrapers but it is surrounded by towering green forest

Stage of a Karaoke bar in combination, you can sing or hire professional singers, dancers to perform. Rinchen is a professional dancer and he will perform with 2 USD per song.

Simple vegetables store of farmers in Bhutan is located next to the highway connecting Paro to capital Thimphu.

Buddhist colorful prayer flags appear everywhere.

Mr. Karma Wangdi, a retired government official is sitting relaxedly by the swathe grass.

Pigeons flying freely in capital Thimphu.
The smiles of a young mother and her son.

Two young monks at Dechen Phodrang monastery school happily play shuttlecock.

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