Singapore – emerald green in the deep ocean

Small to have all agricultural land, but Singapore is always a favorite tourist destination and admired by the roads clean and green covering every aisle.

Singapore – emerald green in the deep ocean

To Singapore, the first point that you’ll be the main attraction is the greenery. From Changi International Airport, visitors easily find cool garden full of chirping birds, the bridge has the tree climbing and Bush weave. And go through the apartment, this cool blue always appear prompting you from the impression must switch to admire a Singapore boy but protect the environment perfectly.

Singapore – emerald green in the deep ocean

To get a lush green country as it is today, an important part is thanks to try Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Fifty years ago, he pioneered power plant with make up and clean living environment. He planted trees cratoxylum (the English name is Mempat) at Farrer Circus and every year back to maintain this tradition.

Singapore – emerald green in the deep ocean

2015-in the 50th anniversary of founding of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew was not to be the same people celebrate milestones crucial, also can not continue to maintain the tradition of planting. However, his country now has replaced the meat change skin. The city still with the dense concrete blocks but where also found fresh green vegetation.

He asserted: “the city that only concrete, asphalt and sidewalk will be full of disappointment, stuffy place. We need a balance between trees and floral leaves. We will transform Singapore into a wonderful land to live “.

Singapore – emerald green in the deep ocean

Mr Lee said: “If the felling all trees, Singapore will become dark and ugly u land”.

In Singapore the green trees are protected by the law. The Government stipulated that the heritage tree-mature plants in and outside protected areas are protected by law, noted the historic value and contribution to the landscape of the country.


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