Sparkling puller – Chinese lucky dish

One of the most interesting experience in the China tour that explored ethnic cuisine, culinary art of street people. In particular there is a special dish went along the years with Chinese people that you should not ignore it’s sparkling Guo, Sparkling puller. You can easily enjoy the sparkling fragrance, Guo disk sizzling markets, budget eateries for high-end restaurants.

Alder Guo is a Chinese dish easy to make and extremely popular. Anywhere in the world, maybe you also not hard to find this dish, when strolling around the neighborhood have Chinese people live. Similarly in many countries around the world, wherever there are Chinese people’s presence, then it certainly has the appearance of sparkling dishes Guo. Say to you that, in Chinese cuisine, sparkling cake Guo how popular. Guo sparkling dishes with Chinese people is considered good luck and are often eaten during new year’s. Perhaps the world itself, which it disseminated? The Alder Guo is shaped to look like ancient coins of China; symbolize wealth, affluent society. In addition, Guo is still sparkling dishes in occasions such as birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving…

Sparkling puller – Chinese lucky dish

Sparkling dishes, Guo gradually have become common dishes of the Chinese people and is sold all over the place and from there are many foreign visitors come to know and love. Every housewife in China can easily make this dish for the family, although the production parts to stitched sparkling package Guo are very picky. Guo has a variety of sparkling personalities, like meat, vegetables, and seafood. The majority of the region are sparkling package Guo under traditional semicircle. Some of rural China, Guo alder bark also was tearful rice grain, cotton printing very meticulously. In particular, according to tradition, a sparkling Bowl Guo must have membership number and even taboos Guo effervescence of travellers; symbolizes the blessed and full, rounded fullness.
Sparkling puller – Chinese lucky dish

Some companies organize tours when the tour goes to China or the destination such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, are all very attention to sparkling dishes Guo and often added to the menu for travelers along the journey. It is thought that, enjoy this cake by your native people do, customers will feel the true taste of it, by under the local people’s ingenuity, heavier dishes ‘ the soul ‘ of Chinese cuisine. Also, enjoy a bowl of steaming Guo Alder smoke ngut and feel each Member with strong human armies fought along the sparkling, will also be one of the memorable interesting experience during a visit to China.

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