Sushi – Japanese culinary masterpiece

If it comes to beauty in the food culture of Japan, we can not completely ignore sushi, a dish combining rice with raw or cooked seafood, using the method of preservation fish originated in ancient China.

Sushi – Japanese culinary masterpiece

Due to the abundant marine resources, the Japanese often use to enjoy seafood and spices along with additional processing to create freshness, pure taste, and feel all the delicious seafood of the rich this protein. Sushi is a successful masterpiece in the processing of Japanese cuisine.
To make a plate of sushi correctly dressed and literally not an easy thing, demanding a lot from the processing and the meticulous workers. Water used for cooking rice is the pure water to cook the rice grains flexible, aromatic, not corrupted, moderate softness create cohesion. Fresh seafood have to get that right and pure flavors while enjoying.

When conducting the process, in order to maintain food flavor and purity, chefs often use instruments made ​​of wood by acid in the rice when mixed rice with vinegar will react if given by nature metallic material. In addition, they are creative in pruning fruit decoration, rice balls under the artistic shape, color combination made ​​from natural materials add color to food and diverse flavors.

In the menu’s sushi Japan, there are six basic types include Nigirizushi, Chirashizushi, Makimono, Gunkan, Oshizushi, and Temaki. Each type carries sushi flavors and characteristics of each region, such as sushi sushi Nigirizushi we often see: including a handful of mixed vinegar, above have put a piece of seafood served with soy sauce, pickled ginger purple. Makimono : it’s almost like the way the Korean gimbap. Seafood and vegetables raw materials will be wrapped in a layer of seaweed and cut into chunks.

There is a special kind of sushi that people see it’s less Chirashizushi: Special processed style Tokyo and Osaka style. food will be placed on the surface of a bowl of rice vinegar mix.

But the most special is still Temaki comprises a layer of seaweed will be briefly baked, spread vinegared rice and seafood, fruits and vegetables in the middle and then molded into a cone.

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