Taboos you need to know when traveling in Japan

Present, society develops, demand for enjoyment by increasing tourism. But because Japan is a civilized country, with customs very toxic but very interesting that if we do not notice would cause situations crying half laughing basis.

When traveling in Japan, we need to pay attention to the taboo in the country you to avoid unnecessary cases occur. Outdoor smoking, littering, tip money in restaurants, called sensitive parts … are the things you should avoid when visiting the country sunrise.

1. Smoking outside 

Although in the restaurants, bars and some private companies in Japan still allows smoking. But in most cities including the cities of Tokyo and Osaka. If we do not know these laws that smoke outdoors, especially during the day will be fined up to 50,000 yen (about 8 million), with the exception of some street corner smoking allowed.

Taboos you need to know when traveling in Japan

Therefore, the eyebrow whiskers should pay attention to these rules in order not to be fined an unjust way offline.

2. Walking on the right hand-side

Japan side although fairly large population but their high sense. All the people here even in the streets or alleys must follow an unwritten rule that is always on the left side. This also applies when traveling escalators in Japan. People will always stand on the right, to take a rest for those who are required to go ahead. It also demonstrates the compromise, a virtue we need to study, not to find ways stampedes.

3. Littering 

Where, too, act littering often regarded as impolite, lacks culture. In Japan, this is even taboo. If normal in countries that littering is not supported yet, but when caught us sometimes ignored and do not care. But if this is done in Japan and you will feel afraid to face fires when the eyes of astonished passers will accrue toward you because you did a taboo in the street.

Taboos you need to know when traveling in Japan

4. Name the sensitive parts  

Normally when it comes to the sensitive parts of the male or female we all feel embarrassed. Particularly in Japan, if you name the sensitive parts, particularly of women, is one taboo that Japanese people never do. Japan Tourism certain you should not call from Manko. This is a Japanese word genitals only carries the obscene.

5. Pointing fingers at people 

Pointing at people in wherever are also said to be a nice gesture actions in the eyes of the enemy is not. Especially for older people, they see it as a lack of action rude culture, do not know the glass on the lower yield. And in Japan, too, if you point the finger at the other person would be considered rude, or even legs only use chopsticks too.

Taboos you need to know when traveling in Japan

6. Sitting cross-legged 

In the countries of the world, this action is generally considered normal, sometimes showing a delicate, elegant and stylish. But if you want to meet any standard style Japanese-style should sit seiza (kneeling on his knees), a traditional Japanese sitting posture so neatly.

Taboos you need to know when traveling in Japan

7. Wearing shoes in the house 

Normally the cleaning does not keep what we will treat guests to play and go to the house is clean shoes with acceptable story. But in Japan when you come play a show that is always a price to shoes at the door. So you should leave your shoes or sandals to boots on the price. Some Japanese only wears his slippers in the case to go in the toilet, so you should remember not to wear shoes, sandals in a Japanese house.

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