These little habits which can put you in jail when traveling

Feeding birds in Venice or smoking in Bhutan are only small habits, but they can cause you to forfeit up to hundreds of dollars or worse is imprisoned.

These little habits which can put you in jail when traveling

Feeding birds in Venice – Italy

In reality, many visitors going to Venice and visiting San Marco square like playing with pigeons. The most common action is catching and landing them on the body and feeding birds. However, this seemingly petty issue back is against the law and may result in penalties up to $ 700 visitors if it is intentionally done.

Too wild when in bed in Buenos Aires-Argentina

Feather mattress in Buenos Aires (Argentina) is listed in illegal use group by the lawmakers because they believe that they could cause desire and encourages lustful feelings. Argentine Government will not want you to be too unruly or have signs of indulgence by playing fake battle on the bed. For that reason, beds in Argentina have to be specifically designed to lay in “safe” state.

Smoking in Bhutan

If you are a smoker, you shouldn’t try to find the way of buying or storing tobacco in Bhutan. This small country in the Himalayas is famously known as harsh and already enforce smoking ban throughout the country. Cigarettes when being exported into Bhutan is 100% taxable. If you are caught smoking in public places, you may have to pay heavy fine. The sale of the tobacco-related products is considered a base to put you in jail.

Out of gas in Germany

Highways in Germany are famous for not having speed limit, the driver is allowed to drive at the maximum speed. However, if the car died on the highway due to out of gas, it is an act against the law. Accordingly, vehicles in Germany are not allowed to stop halfway for any reason, except for emergency. Also, driving to empty gas tank doesn’t belong to this list.

Wearing heels in Greece

If you wear high heels while walking around in Greece, you will most likely to visit the attractions barefoot. To protect the relics, the Government issues the ban on high heels in some areas to prevent impacts from pointy heels.

Eating during Ramadan in Dubai

When traveling abroad, you need to respect the local culture of the natives. If you intend to travel to the United Arab Emirates during Ramadan, your trip almost exclusively revolves around the theme “looking travel” and you should remember that you are not allowed to touch food. If tourists deliberately eat or even smoke in public places despite that custom, they will be warned. If this happens again, the next destination after that could be prison.

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