Unique culture of Sweden impresses visitors

Along attendance unique cultural attractions that visitors feel important when traveling in Sweden.

1. Silence law  

Swedes have a proverb, “talk is silver, silence is golden.” Thus, silence is the solution that they often choose in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts. They also often outspoken on issues, not meandering long.

2. Modest Law 

Jantelagen (Jante law) implies about humility, against the nominal bragging or ham. A person doing any field has the right to be proud of his success, but if you brag, it would be considered a outrageous act which againsts Jante law and there aren’t many people respond. today, Jante law also gradually lost, but most of its people still uphold modesty made in communication and lifestyle.

Unique culture of Sweden impresses visitors
3. Fika 

Visit Sweden, visitors will encounter the atmosphere Fika everywhere. This is the term used to drinking coffee. But it’s not classified as “fast boat” as Americans usually walk holding paper cup to drink, not too time-consuming as the tea ceremony in Japan rewarded. If a Swedish people invited to the house, make sure you will enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the crispy baked pie. And in the workplace, Fika will be the time between the break times and everyone will have the opportunity to sip a cup of coffee, and chat together.

4. Freedom to have fun

Amusement freedoms allowed people walking, driving, skiing or camping in any other region of the country, where it doesn’t belong to personal property, farmland and conservation areas are protected. This freedom fun is also done in some other Nordic countries.

5. Knowing enough is rich 

People live under the philosophy Sweden Lagom – meaning enough, balanced or split equal parts in all circumstances, from weather to issues like money and property. For them, everything just enough and not too excessive.

Unique culture of Sweden impresses visitors

6. Unusual festivals

Neither is the people also turned into an excuse to organize the festival, but they admired his long tradition. Besides the official festival, people usually organizes some unusual events, such as waffles festival, cakes  festival or shrimps festival…

7. Dressed similar

Even quite the same as he was known to dress fashion taste, most people prefer neutral colors, deeper is colorful. So when the street, visitors can see many people here wear an tones accordance from head to toe, and clothing of anyone who travel the same color next.

 Unique culture of Sweden impresses visitors

8. Tack 

Tack is a polysemy, people are using more. When visitors to Sweden, this will be one of the words you hear most, used in countless situations, and their meanings of each situation are not the same. Tack is meant to be Thank you, Please. When buying something in the shop, people will say Tack-bearing in mind I can help you. When you buy, they also say Tack-and this means Goodbye.

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